96 W Magnolia Drive offers a great single family home! This property features a 3 bedroom, 2 full bathrooms located in River Rock Subdivision.  Walking distance from the River Rock pond, acres of grass for your children and pets to run around in not to mention a neighbor park. 

Do you have a budget in mind and don't think you can obtain it? This property proves that starter homes are still out there and there is a possibility to own your own home even in todays market.  Noticing when it hit the market and being the first agent to show this property allowed me to get it this property under contract.  Do you want to quit paying rent month after month and not officially own it? Let me know how I can help you! 

If you're on the hunt for a property…

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Renting vs. Buying: The Financial Truths for Prospective Home Buyers

Are you among the many currently renting, contemplating the leap into homeownership? In this blog post, tailored for prospective first-time home buyers like you, I'll unravel the financial realities of renting versus buying. As a Real Estate Agent serving the vibrant Bozeman area, I've witnessed diverse sentiments surrounding this crucial decision. Let's dive in!

Dispelling Misconceptions: Renting vs. Buying

1. Wealth Building Through Homeownership:

Curious about whether owning a home truly propels wealth accumulation? Let's look at the numbers. The Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances reveals that homeowners boast a net worth forty times higher than renters. Yes,…

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First off, congratulations on finding your new home! It is a huge step, and can seem scary. That is why I have partnered with Cornerstone Home Lending to bring you the dos and don'ts of financing a home. 

To Do:
• Always call myself, or your lender, if you have any questions or concerns
• Tell your lender if you are a veteran; you may qualify for a VA home loan
• Get a good night's sleep; you can count on your lender (Cornerstone Home Lending) to make the process as effortless as possible 

Not To Do:
• Change jobs, quit your job, or become self employed
• Buy or trade in a vehicle 
• Increase debt/balances or miss payments
• Spend money you have set aside for closing
• Omit debts or liabilities from your loan application
• Buy furniture or…

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